All my life I loved drawing, scribbling, and making stuff out of ordinary things I found laying around the house. It was always obvious to me that my dream was to be involved with art. I knew that one day I would need to find my way into an art school. Soon after graduating high school this desire led me to follow a course in graphic design.


There still isn't a day that goes by where I don't find myself holding a pencil. The desire to doodle and draw is always there. Often I just let my mind wander, allowing it to be influenced by millions of things. There are so many things I find inspiring. Ideas seem to come from everywhere. My friends, music, or just events in my everyday life.


I can't really explain my obsession with skulls, or how it got started. It may just be the sinister feeling it provokes. Regardless, I think most people can admit there is something fascinating about a skull or a skeleton.


Skulls have had quite a long and obvious history of being used symbolically, and they can carry with them an emotional response. To me skulls represent an endless many things. They never fail in being a source of creativity and inspiration for me.


With that said, let me know what you think (or feel) about my gallery, and any support you can offer is always much appreciated.